3 Simple Keys to Heart Health: It’s Not Just What You Eat, it’s How You Live

As the United States mourns the death of Dick Clark, entertainment legend, we are also reminded of a scary statistic: Heart disease is the leading killer in the United States. While health magazines and websites confirm they have the top foods to should eat for heart health, they fail to acknowledge there is no secret food to save you from heart disease, it’s about how you live your life as a whole.

Here’s the top 3 simple things to remember to live for your heart:

1) There is no one miracle food!
Eating for heart health is not about only eating oatmeal every morning. You won’t spare yourself a heart attack by eating olive oil every day or drinking a glass of red wine every night. If you are looking for the secret food to prevent heart disease, you won’t find one. The key is to eat a healthy diet holistically. Load up EVERY DAY on whole grains, lean foods, monounsaturated fats (sparingly), and plenty of fruits and veggies. And while you’re at it, ditch the processed junk. Eating the good stuff won’t do much good if you haven’t nixed the bad stuff (foods made with bleached flour, high fats, transfats, sodium, high cholesterol and high sugar).

2) Exercise… Move while you still can!
Eating healthy is just part of the battle. Excercising your body is the key to excercising your heart. Run, walk, swim, Zumba and Yoga your way to get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and endorphins soaring!

3) Do what you love!
Don’t forget to BE HAPPY! Stress not only affects the us mentally, it affects us physically and can contribute to high blood pressure. Find what calms and relaxes you. Surround yourself with those you love, forget about those who upset you. Embrace and explore fun hobbies, let go of bad habits. Life is too short to simply go through the motions; don’t make it shorter by living a stressful life.